Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
XP: Treatise On The Last Things
Q[92] Of The Vision Of The Divine Essence In Reference To The Blessed
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[* Cf. FP, Q [12]]

In the next place we must consider matters concerning the blessed after the general judgment. We shall consider: (1) Their vision of the Divine essence, wherein their bliss consists chiefly; (2) Their bliss and their mansions; (3) Their relations with the damned; (4) Their gifts, which are contained in their bliss; (5) The crowns which perfect and adorn their happiness.

Under the first head there are three points of inquiry:

A[1] Whether the saints will see God in His essence?

A[2] Whether they will see Him with the eyes of the body?

A[3] Whether in seeing God they will see all that God sees?