Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
TP: Treatise On The Sacraments
Q[82] Of The Minister Of This Sacrament
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We now proceed to consider the minister of this sacrament: under which head there are ten points for our inquiry:

A[1] Whether it belongs to a priest alone to consecrate this sacrament?

A[2] Whether several priests can at the same time consecrate the same host?

A[3] Whether it belongs to the priest alone to dispense this sacrament?

A[4] Whether it is lawful for the priest consecrating to refrain from communicating?

A[5] Whether a priest in sin can perform this sacrament?

A[6] Whether the Mass of a wicked priest is of less value than that of a good one?

A[7] Whether those who are heretics, schismatics, or excommunicated, can perform this sacrament?

A[8] Whether degraded priests can do so?

A[9] Whether communicants receiving at their hands are guilty of sinning?

A[10] Whether a priest may lawfully refrain altogether from celebrating?

[* This is the order observed by St. Thomas in writing the Articles; but in writing this prologue, he placed Article 10 immediately after Article 4 (Cf. Leonine edition).]