Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
TP: Treatise On The Sacraments
Q[68] Of Those Who Receive Baptism
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We have now to consider those who receive Baptism; concerning which there are twelve points of inquiry:

A[1] Whether all are bound to receive Baptism?

A[2] Whether a man can be saved without Baptism?

A[3] Whether Baptism should be deferred?

A[4] Whether sinners should be baptized?

A[5] Whether works of satisfaction should be enjoined on sinners that have been baptized?

A[6] Whether Confession of sins is necessary?

A[7] Whether an intention is required on the part of the one baptized?

A[8] Whether faith is necessary?

A[9] Whether infants should be baptized?

A[10] Whether the children of Jews should be baptized against the will of their parents?

A[11] Whether anyone should be baptized in the mother's womb?

A[12] Whether madmen and imbeciles should be baptized?