Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
TP: Treatise On The Incarnation
Q[46] The Passion Of Christ
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In proper sequence we have now to consider all that relates to Christ's leaving the world. In the first place, His Passion; secondly, His death; thirdly, His burial; and, fourthly, His descent into hell.

With regard to the Passion, there arises a threefold consideration: (1) The Passion itself; (2) the efficient cause of the Passion; (3) the fruits of the Passion.

Under the first heading there are twelve points of inquiry:

A[1] Whether it was necessary for Christ to suffer for men's deliverance?

A[2] Whether there was any other possible means of delivering men?

A[3] Whether this was the more suitable means?

A[4] Whether it was fitting for Christ to suffer on the cross?

A[5] The extent of His sufferings;

A[6] Whether the pain which He endured was the greatest?

A[7] Whether His entire soul suffered?

A[8] Whether His Passion hindered the joy of fruition?

A[9] The time of the Passion;

A[10] The place;

A[11] Whether it was fitting for Him to be crucified with robbers?

A[12] Whether Christ's Passion is to be attributed to the Godhead?