Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
SS: Treatise On Gratuitous Graces
Q[180] Of The Contemplative Life
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We must now consider the contemplative life, under which head there are eight points of inquiry:

A[1] Whether the contemplative life pertains to the intellect only, or also to the affections?

A[2] Whether the moral virtues pertain to the contemplative life?

A[3] Whether the contemplative life consists in one action or in several?

A[4] Whether the consideration of any truth whatever pertains to the contemplative life?

A[5] Whether the contemplative life of man in this state can arise to the vision of God?

A[6] Of the movements of contemplation assigned by Dionysius (Div. Nom. iv);

A[7] Of the pleasure of contemplation;

A[8] Of the duration of contemplation.