Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
SS: Treatise On Fortitude And Temperance
Q[129] Of Magnanimity
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[* Not in the ordinary restricted sense but as explained by the author]

We must now consider each of the parts of fortitude, including, however, the other parts under those mentioned by Tully, with the exception of confidence, for which we shall substitute magnanimity, of which Aristotle treats. Accordingly we shall consider (1) Magnanimity; (2) Magnificence; (3) Patience; (4) Perseverance. As regards the first we shall treat (1) of magnanimity; (2) of its contrary vices. Under the first head there are eight points of inquiry:

A[1] Whether magnanimity is about honors?

A[2] Whether magnanimity is only about great honors?

A[3] Whether it is a virtue?

A[4] Whether it is a special virtue?

A[5] Whether it is a part of fortitude?

A[6] Of its relation to confidence;

A[7] Of its relation to assurance;

A[8] Of its relation to goods of fortune.