Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
SS: Treatise On The Cardinal Virtues
Q[97] Of The Temptation Of God
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We must now consider the vices that are opposed to religion, through lack of religion, and which are manifestly contrary thereto, so that they come under the head of irreligion. Such are the vices which pertain to contempt or irreverence for God and holy things. Accordingly we shall consider: (1) Vices pertaining directly to irreverence for God; (2) Vices pertaining to irreverence for holy things. With regard to the first we shall consider the temptation whereby God is tempted, and perjury, whereby God's name is taken with irreverence. Under the first head there are four points of inquiry:

A[1] In what the temptation of God consists;

A[2] Whether it is a sin?

A[3] To what virtue it is opposed;

A[4] Of its comparison with other vices.