Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
SS: Treatise On The Cardinal Virtues
Q[58] Of Justice
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We must now consider justice. Under this head there are twelve points of inquiry:

A[1] What is justice?

A[2] Whether justice is always towards another?

A[3] Whether it is a virtue?

A[4] Whether it is in the will as its subject?

A[5] Whether it is a general virtue?

A[6] Whether, as a general virtue, it is essentially the same as every virtue?

A[7] Whether there is a particular justice?

A[8] Whether particular justice has a matter of its own?

A[9] Whether it is about passions, or about operations only?

A[10] Whether the mean of justice is the real mean?

A[11] Whether the act of justice is to render to everyone his own?

A[12] Whether justice is the chief of the moral virtues?