Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
FS: Treatise On Human Acts: Acts Peculiar To Man
Q[13] Of Choice, Which Is An Act Of The Will With Regard To The Means
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We must now consider the acts of the will with regard to the means. There are three of them: to choose, to consent, and to use. And choice is preceded by counsel. First of all, then, we must consider choice: secondly, counsel; thirdly, consent; fourthly, use.

Concerning choice there are six points of inquiry:

A[1] Of what power is it the act; of the will or of the reason?

A[2] Whether choice is to be found in irrational animals?

A[3] Whether choice is only the means, or sometimes also of the end?

A[4] Whether choice is only of things that we do ourselves?

A[5] Whether choice is only of possible things?

A[6] Whether man chooses of necessity or freely?