Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
FP: Treatise On The Angels
Q[63] The Malice Of The Angels With Regard To Sin
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In the next place we must consider how angels became evil: first of all with regard to the evil of fault; and secondly, as to the evil of punishment. Under the first heading there are nine points for consideration:

A[1] Can there be evil of fault in the angels?

A[2] What kind of sins can be in them?

A[3] What did the angel seek in sinning?

A[4] Supposing that some became evil by a sin of their own choosing, are any of them naturally evil?

A[5] Supposing that it is not so, could any one of them become evil in the first instant of his creation by an act of his own will?

A[6] Supposing that he did not, was there any interval between his creation and fall?

A[7] Was the highest of them who fell, absolutely the highest among the angels?

A[8] Was the sin of the foremost angel the cause of the others sinning?

A[9] Did as many sin as remained steadfast?