Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas
FP: Treatise On The One God
Q[13] The Names Of God
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After the consideration of those things which belong to the divine knowledge, we now proceed to the consideration of the divine names. For everything is named by us according to our knowledge of it.

Under this head, there are twelve points for inquiry:

A[1] Whether God can be named by us?

A[2] Whether any names applied to God are predicated of Him substantially?

A[3] Whether any names applied to God are said of Him literally, or are all to be taken metaphorically?

A[4] Whether any names applied to God are synonymous?

A[5] Whether some names are applied to God and to creatures univocally or equivocally?

A[6] Whether, supposing they are applied analogically, they are applied first to God or to creatures?

A[7] Whether any names are applicable to God from time?

A[8] Whether this name "God" is a name of nature, or of the operation?

A[9] Whether this name "God" is a communicable name?

A[10] Whether it is taken univocally or equivocally as signifying God, by nature, by participation, and by opinion?

A[11] Whether this name, "Who is," is the supremely appropriate name of God?

A[12] Whether affirmative propositions can be formed about God?